Wine & Yard Caves
Pyrgos Kallistis - Santorini

This property came into the possession of the owners (a married couple of two local people) .
They were two “hyposkafa” , these unique cave-like buildings with high ceilings as a legacy from their grandparents to make their dream come true. They own veterinary clinic so that they can offer their best to the animals of Santorini.

Proceeding from the construction of the clinic they discovered the existence of two old caves carved into the volcanic soil that ensured refreshing coolness. They used them as ‘canavas’, as the locals call the wine cellars, where they used to make wine by squeezing the grapes by foot and storing them in wooden barrels. These buildings were abandoned around the 1950s. And so they decided to restore them, keeping their unique architecture to create two beautiful houses that can accommodate anyone who chose to come to this unique island.

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Wine & Yard Caves Santorini2
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Your invitation to luxury

outdoor heated jacuzzi
private parking
private yard
free Wi-Fi

About Pyrgos Village
What makes Pyrgos unique is the fact that it is the highest village of the whole island. It is built amphitheatrical on a hill that offers a magnificent view of Santorini in almost every direction. On top of this hill remain the ruins of a venetian castle (“kasteli”) that was once the island’s administrative center. Pyrgos is a typical example of medieval architecture with narrow labyrinth streets, fortified streets and hidden passages.. now surrounded by blue domed churches and vineyards.